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Mark 7:14 NIV

He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh

Said to him, “Ephphatha!”

(Which means “Be Opened!”)

From The Coach's Desk

Hello! Welcome to Ephphatha! Healing Sanctuary. My name is Carolyn Walker. I'm a certified Transformational Life & Wellness Coach. I’m also a wife, a mom, an inspirational writer and a published author.

I help busy professionals (from the home to the board room) to create for themselves a healthy work/life balance, lower their stress level, reverse burnt-out, lose excess body weight, and live life joyfully.

My vision is to use my coaching expertise to lovingly transform people's lives into becoming the best and most beautiful version of themselves. 

The discoveries you will make through my coaching services promise to deliver some powerful breakthrough.

If this sound like the change you would need to have in your life, please go ahead and book that Free Discovery Call to get started.

I'd be glad to work with you.

Here's to a good life!



Hello friend! A You don't have to remain stuck in your uncertainty in life. You can get the help you need! Secure your slot on the Coach's calendar by calling 281-919-8192 or tap on the "book" tab to secure a FREE Transformation Discovery Call. 

During our session together, please be assured that you will always be my main focus. I will actively listen to your all your burning concerns and life's challenges. We'll be doing an experiential exercise together for you to discover what areas in your life urgently calling for nurturing.

You will learn about the different coaching programs offered here at Ephphatha!, and we'll see which best suits you.

You will be allowed to ask all the questions concerning the program and my coaching services

I'll  show you how we'll navigate together for you to successfully reach your goal. 

Hope to meet you soon.

Here's to a good life!