About Ephphatha...

Ehphatha Healing Sanctuary embodies love, light, and life. It is an atmosphere where our clients can discover, heal, grow, and prosper; from a state of total relaxation.

We offer certified life transformation coaching services, where clients receive curated  personal coaching support which will guide them into discovering their unique plan to achieve their desired life goals.

Our coaching services are offered as single one-on-one sessions, 21-Day or 90-Day programs. 

Our newest 14-Day Reset Cleanse is a kick-starter life enrichment and transformational 21-day program for the total person. It is geared towards gently ushering our clients to a total reset from a stressful and unhealthy life into a state of total relaxation, proper selfcare and self-love. A colorful, easy guide 14-day reset cleanse manual is included for FREE. 

At some point in doing life, people can experience burnt-out and sometimes get stuck; often times having their stress levels gone over the roof. The good news is that they don't have to remain in that rut. Amazing help is here at Ephphatha! for your beautiful healthier and rewarding change.

You are loved. You are beautiful. You are worthy. 

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